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Meeting Expectations are Key!


As the principal at Lake in the Hills Elementary School, I wanted to share with you the expectations that exist for parents, students, staff and myself.  Lake in the Hills Elementary has a strong and proud past of helping students learn.  There are a many reasons why we are a great school and I’m confident we will continue to improve in the future.  One responsibility we all share to give every child the best opportunity to feel safe and learn.  Below are a list of expectations for the children at our school, and just as important, a list of expectations for us, the adults.    

While the expectations listed below help to contribute to our overall success, they are not the sole factors. I believe in order to have a high quality, successful school there must also be a sense of order, love and respect. Each of us only gets one attempt at making a child’s educational experience the best it can be. Please join me, along with the faculty and staff of LITH, to help make this school year the best it can be for all of our children.

Expectations for LITH Parents:

  • Encourage your student to do their best every day.
  • Make it a habit to regularly communicate with your child’s teacher.
  • Ensure the school has all your accurate and current information.  i.e.: phone numbers,, home and email addresses.
  • Read the monthly newsletters and regularly check the LITH website by going to the District website: then click on Find a School. (don’t forget you can also get the D300 App)
  • Listen to and read Rapid Communication System (RCS) messages sent from myself or the office staff.

Expectations for LITH Students:

  • Come to school every day ready to learn.
  • Respect YourSelf, Property, Others, and Teaching.  (Earn SPOT’s)
  • Follow the instructions of the staff at the school.
  • Do your best and learn something new every day. 

Expectations for LITH Staff

  • Come to school every day ready to teach.
  • Prioritize both the physical and emotional safety of every student.
  • Plan and implement engaging learning activities that follow D300 Curriculum.
  • Maintain high learning expectations for every student.
  • Respect YourSelf, Property, Others, and Teaching. 

Expectations for Mr. Jarot

  • Come to school every day ready to set the example of the importance of learning and respect.
  • Keep all students and employees safe by using best practices for student/staff safety.
  • Consistently emphasize the importance of student growth in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Regularly visit every classroom.
  • Be an active listener with students, parents, community members and staff.
  • Earn the trust and respect of the staff at LITH. 
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